New Integration Methods

New Integration Method is the name of a European Grundtvig Learning Partnership, supported by the European Commission.

The partnership was constituted in August 2012 and will work together until July 2014.


The high rate of immigration represents an increasing problem for European Countries. Migrants have many needs. We often think that language is the first and the unique way for migrants’ integration. But many experiences indicate that even if migrant citizens know the local language they tend to be marginalized. There are deeper cultural problems.
In particular women seem to suffer more than men confronting cultural differences. Men live all day long in the work context; they have more opportunities to get involved in local realities. Children go to school; they grow up in the local society. Women look after the family, live in a closed context where they understandably keep alive their culture, language and tradition. Outside they tend to socialize only with other women of their community. So they risk marginalization and depression. Even more so, that by leaving their country they leave also their learning path or their first work experience so it is hard for them to start learning or working again.
NIM is a project involving organizations from different European countries not only belonging to EU.
The final objective of activities is to create new methods of integration of migrant women through non-formal education.